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Call for participants for the “Upskills” training: 3-10 September 2024, Moclín, Granada, Spain

In an increasingly digitised world, acquiring technological skills has become essential for success in the job market. With the aim of addressing this need and promoting the inclusion of young people in the labour market, we are pleased to announce the call for participants for the “Upskills” training programme. This programme is designed to enhance digital skills and explore emerging technologies.

Organised by Euducate, Luminosus and Kárpátikum this project offers a unique opportunity for participants to develop competencies in key areas such as programming, virtual reality, 3D, artificial intelligence and more. Additionally, it focuses on providing participants with a solid understanding of current and future technological trends, preparing them to tackle the challenges of the digital world.

Participant profile

The call is open to 30 young people from 16 to 30 years from Slovakia, Hungary and Spain (10 each country) who wish to improve their digital skills and explore the vast world of emerging technologies. The participant profile includes:

  1. Unemployed or underemployed youth: The course is aimed at young people seeking to enter the job market or improve their current position through the development of relevant digital skills.
  2. Students and recent graduates: Students are also encouraged to participate as the course will provide a solid foundation in technology that complements their academic background and enhances their employability.
  3. Individuals with an interest in technology: The course is suitable for those with an interest in technology but who have not yet explored its full potential. No prior experience in technology is required as the course is designed to cater to different skill levels.

Expected outcomes

Upon completion of the “Upskills” course, participants can expect:

  1. Improved digital skills: Participants will develop practical skills in areas such programming, content creation with VR/AR, 3D and more, enabling them to stand out in today’s job market.
  2. Technological awareness: They will gain a solid understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on various industries, enabling them to quickly adapt to changes in the technological landscape.
  3. Job opportunities: The course will provide participants with the tools and knowledge needed to access new job opportunities in the technology field, enhancing their employability and career prospects.
  4. Professional networking: In addition to acquiring technical skills, participants will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and fellow participants, expanding their professional network and exploring potential future collaborations.
  5. The training is divided in 2 activities, the training in Spain and a Hackathon that will be possible to attend it online. Selected participants will take part in both activities

Inclusion and diversity

The call for the “Upskills” course is framed within an inclusive approach that seeks to remove barriers to entry for all young people interested in developing digital skills. Participation from individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those with disabilities, migrants, and individuals facing socio-economic vulnerabilities, is encouraged. Moreover, support measures and adaptations are offered to ensure that all participants can fully benefit from the course.

Join the Digital Future!

The call for the “Upskills” course represents an exciting opportunity for young people looking to enhance their digital skills and explore the world of emerging technologies. Whether you are looking to enter the job market, improve your career prospects, or simply explore your interest in new technologies, this course will provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital age. This is an activity supported by Erasmus+ program covering the main costs such travel, accomodation and food for the final candidates, it is important to have a good communication in English and be open minded . Don’t miss the chance to join the digital future and transform your professional life!


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